Fuel Meters

Choosing Fuel Meters:

Looking for a flow meter that's recommended for measuring Fuel?

These Meters are used to check the quantity of fuel that has been transferred from one place to another, typically from a tank to a vehicle. They usually have a numerical display which have digital faces. These can measure in different measurements, for example: gallons and litres per minute or cubic feet and more. Each flow meter will have different abilities and features. Most flow meters are turbine style meters, they rotate on an axis and the the flow rate is recorded as the fluid passes over it. To make it easier to identify the fuel meters from the other models, here is a list of the most popular fuel meters we stock to help you choose the right one. 


a1 fuel meters

A1 Aluminium

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01-series-aluminum- fuel meters

01A Aluminium Economy Meter

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G2 Aluminium Industrial Meter

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