GPI chemically compatible chemical flowmeters

Chemical Flowmeters: 

Looking for a turbine flow meter that can handle aggressive chemicals? Most chemicals are covered by the large GPI range of chemical flowmeters.

G2 Series PVDF flowmeters

The G2 series of chemical meters are great at resisting abrasion and have superb chemical compatibility. Standard meters include Viton O-Rings; Consider upgrading to the optional PTFE O-Ring allows for even more flexibility. Consider using GPI's G2P Series PVDF Flow Meters to measure bleach, ferric chloride, phenol, sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid. Available in 1/2" and 1" sizes only.

GPI have a large range of meters for most fluids, fuel, water and most chemicals, please send over any enquiries about any particular chemical or fluid to or alternatively check the handy chemical compatibility chart cross referencing GPI meters suitable for that chemical. 


pvdf chemical flowmeters

G2 PVDF Industrial Meter

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The industrial grade GPI G2 turbine flow meter offers durable, compact, and high precision fluid measurement. By combining a turbine and a basic flow sensing device with a direct-mounted, microprocessor-based computer, the entire GPI G2 turbine flow meter system is incorporated into one device which is FM Approved for Intrinsically Safe Class 1, Division 1 uses.